Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thundercrack Playlist #10

Download the 10th playlist from here. The file size is 46.67mb. Enjoy

1. The Solution - You Gotta Come Down

Led by Scott Morgan (formerly of the excellent Sonic's Rendezvous Band) this is a band harking right back to the soul sounds of the 60s. This track is taken off their most recent album 'Will Not Be Televised'. I really like the album, having just come across it in a record store here in Paris. Love Sonic's Rendezvous Band so when I heard Scott was in this band, I bought it straight away. Very happy with it. Don't hear too many bands around today with this kind of sound and Scott has a tremendous voice.

2. Basia Bulat - In The Night (Live)

Taken from a radio session she recorded not too long ago, this track is off her debut lp 'Oh My Darling' which has just in the past couple of months got a release in America. She's Canadian and has an excellent voice. A really talented musician as well. Album is well worth checking out if you like what you hear.

3. Yeasayer - Sunrise (Live)

Already featured Yeasayer a couple of times on the blog so obviously I'm a big fan. This is taken from an excellent Daytrotter session they recorded a while back.

4. Alibi Tom - Fire

Hailing from Sweden, Alibi Tom have just released their debut album in the UK this week. Haven't heard it yet, really like this song though so hopes are high.

5. Tokyo Police Club - Juno

A fantastic band for 2-3 minute pop songs, I've been really impressed with their most recent album 'Elephant Shell'. Another Canadian band, these guys sound like they could do the same thing for years and it's never going to get old.

6. Blood Red Shoes - Say Something Say Anything

A two-piece from Brighton in England, Steven Ansell & Laura- Mary Carter specialise in punk/grunge and have honed their sound by working incredibly hard on the live circuit (according to their bio, they've played over 300 shows, a phenomenal amount for a band only formed in 2005). All the work has paid off with their fantastic debut record 'Box Of Secrets'. Check their site for tour dates, there's plenty there.

7. The Gutter Twins - Idle Hands

The collaboration of two iconic frontmen, Greg Dulli (The Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers) and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens Of The Stone Age) The Gutter Twins released their album 'Saturnalia' last month to widespread acclaim. Excellent album it is too, it'll be prominent on many best albums of the year lists.

8. Sleepercar - Fences Down

Sleepercar is the sideproject of Jim Ward, (lead singer of Sparta, former member of At The Drive-In) and they play alt-country or Americana. Very well they do it too. The album has been in the making for quite a while as Jim was busy with Sparta. Now they've finally put out an album: West Texas which I'm currently enjoying. Touring as well, check site for details.

9. Aimee Mann - Little Tornado

Here's a track from the wonderful Aimee Mann's new album, due out on June 3rd. the same as most people, I heard of Aimee through the film Magnolia and have followed her career since. I've heard a couple of tracks from the upcoming album '@%&! Smilers' (which will undoubtedly be shortened to Smilers when people are talking about it) and I've been very impressed. Really looking forward to that one.

10. Bonnie Prince Billy - New Partner (Live)

One of my favourite songwriters of all time (Master And Everyone is one of my favourite albums by any artist) this is a track from another Daytrotter session. All of his stuff under all his guises are essential.

11. Patti Smith - Gloria (Live)

A legendary artist performing a legendary song. Not much more to be said.

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