Saturday, April 5, 2008


Came across this website today while browsing and found it quite intriguing. Basically, its an embeddable jukebox for on-line journalists(bloggers) to put on their site while writing about an artist. The artist must be signed up for this and they can choose which songs are available to stream. The interesting part is that while its streaming on the blog, it opens a digital store where you can buy the music. If somebody buys the music not only does the artist get paid but also the blogger who wrote about the band which is not important for most bloggers but will be a reason in itself for using it for others.

It's an interesting concept and one which could take off. It'll be interesting to see attitudes of bloggers which is where the success of the idea lies along with the number and quality of artists who sign up for it. At the moment the database is quite small and many artists I looked for weren't there. It will take time for word to get around but in time I think that if enough artists sign up, it will do well. It should give the independent artist an opportunity for people to easily buy their stuff when they're blogged about. The problem for a lot of bands is the difficulty of making it easy for people to buy their music. Through this site it becomes very easy so hopefully people will use it. I personally think it's a really good idea and will try it out on here for a while. Feedback is welcome on how people find it. Check the site out for yourself at

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