Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Micah P. Hinson : La Fleche D'Or, Paris. 28 April 2008

I went to Micah's performance at La Fleche D'or last night. It's a free concert venue here in Paris and has 3 or 4 bands on most nights. Micah had never played Paris before and he mentioned that his records have been almost impossible to find here so that explains his appearance here. It's a great start for bands and musicians who haven't come to Paris before because you always get a decent crowd and it's usually the dedicated music fans who are there and who will go out and buy your cds and spread the word.

I've been a big fan of Micah ever since I heard 'And The Gospel Of Progress' back in 2004. It's a really fantastic album and I still listen to it today. I'd never seen him live so I was delighted to get to go see him and the fact that it was free made it even better.
And he was fantastic. He played on his own for about 35/40 mins and put on a really powerful performance. Set closer 'The Dreams You Left Behind' was amazing. Songs were drawn from his past releases as well as some new songs that are on his next album which is due out soon. He even threw in a cover of The Carter Family's 'Lover's Lane' for his wife who was front and centre. A really good show, I'd love to hear him with a band though because from bootlegs that I've heard, he really takes things to another level. Met him and his lovely wife after the show and he said he's coming to Ireland in the summer with the band so I'll be back home by then and definitely going to see that. And he gave me a beer after the show.

On a side note, following Micah were a French band 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' who were surprisingly excellent. I've seen a fair amount of French pop/rock bands to know that to see a good one is rare so I was delighted to find one last night. They have a great presence and although I could barely understand what the singer was saying (french people singing in English isn't always easy to understand) I really enjoyed it and am going to go out today and get their cd (if they have one). I'll hopefully be featuring both Micah and Kiss Kiss in the playlist tomorrow. Check out the websites for more info, here's a cool performance from Micah.



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