Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Greg Brown & Bo Ramsey Paris 15 April 2008

Went along to see Greg Brown & Bo Ramsey last night in a tiny venue here in Paris, there was probably about 100 people or so there. Fantastic show, these are two great musicians and songwriters. Ramsey did a short opening set and I thought that was brilliant. I didn't know any of his stuff beforehand but was very impressed. The two of them then came on stage for Greg's set which lasted nearly two hours. Again, I only have a couple of Greg Brown's albums but it didn't matter, he has a very strong stage presence and put on a great set. I've heard that Greg Brown plays some big venues in America so to see him in such an intimate venue was great. For those who don't know these artists, here's a video and I'll also be featuring both artists in the playlist in either today's or next week's edition.


Anonymous said...

well, I saw Greg and Bo at La Pomme d"Eve both last night and the night before - I was one of those 100 or so you mentioned. The shows were indeed terrific. One problem tho', your posted video is from neither night !! Shirley and/or Ramcey please email me asap deebee AT aon DOT at

db, Paris

Neil said...


Yeh it was the only video that I could find of the two of them together. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I couldn't film anything. Glad to hear the second night was good also, would have liked to have gone to see that too.