Friday, April 4, 2008

Shout Out Louds - Paris 1 April 2008

Saw the Shout Out Louds in Paris on Tuesday night.. Originally they were supposed to be playing at a different venue and the price was around €20. However, that soon changed and they were moved to La Fleche D’Or which is free. No idea why this happened, best guess is that the tickets weren’t selling. Well they certainly packed this place and put on a great set. They mentioned that they didn’t have any cds released in France so they played mostly new stuff with a couple of songs off the first album. Fleche D’or works that there are three or four bands everynight so due to time restrictions they only played for half an hour. Was very good though and got a great reaction from the crowd.

The idea of La Fleche D’Or is very interesting and is something that could work elsewhere. I’m not sure how it works, but the place has been going for a long time so they obviously make enough money to survive. The drinks are certainly expensive enough. It’s good exposure for the bands too, especially in a market they haven’t any hold in. Usually the standard of bands there is reasonably good, as everything it’s up and down. Certainly an interesting concept and a good way of getting to know the core music fans as I discussed in my last post.

Here's one of their songs. For another check out the last playlist.

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