Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thundercrack Playlist #14

Number 14. Enjoy. I'm off to see Springsteen for three nights in Dublin. I'll post my reviews the day after.

1. Wolf Parade - Language City

They've released this song through their MySpace recently. Absolutely brilliant album, it's been well worth the wait since the last one. It's coming out next month, 17th June. This is a great taster.

2. The Federals - Automatic Breakdown

Garage rock band from the UK, this is a really catchy song. I've been singing this chorus for the last few days. Were recently Steve Lamacq's demo of the week for one of their other songs. Keep an eye out for them.

3. David Karsten Daniels - Martha Ann

Hailing from Seattle, this track comes off his recently released album 'Of Flying'. He's released some good stuff over the years, like this track. Got a great voice.

4. Joan As Police Woman - To Be Loved

Loved her first album, this is off her upcoming album due out 9th June. Has a few European dates announced, including one in Paris and another in Dublin.

5. Black Mountain - Tyrants

Love this band, loved the last album which this is taken from. Saw them live last night and wasn't overly impressed(I'll get a review up soon) but this song killed. Epic.

6. Old Lost John - Come Saturday

Swedish guy, good track, he has an album out which you can get at his website.

7. Wakey!Wakey! - Fall Apart

One of the bands to watch in the coming while. Can download a covers album for free on their website. Some interesting choices.

8. Tom Waits - Tom Traubert's Blues (Live)

From 2006, I left in a cool story Tom told before the song. His tour is definitely going to be one of the big music stories this year.

9. Killa Kela - All Killa No Filla

My knowledge of beatboxers is virtually none but I like this track. Seems to be one of the big names and well respected. His cd got good reviews when it came out. Worth a look

10. The Nomads - Ain't No King Of Rnr Tonight

Another Swedish band, these guys have been going for years. Not heard much of them up until now, this is a cool song. If you like your rock songs to be under 3 minutes, you'll probably like this song.

11. The Fatima Mansions - You Won't Get Me Home

Irish band this week is Fatima Mansions, led by the legendary Cathal Coughlan. Were around at the turn of the 90s for a few years. Made some good records, this is off their debut album 'Against Nature'. Might have to search around for that one. This website is a good place to start.

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