Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jon Jackson

Came across this guy a while back when I found his cover of Springsteen's Atlantic City, one of the better Springsteen covers around. Was browsing through the excellent songs:illinois blog and noticed that he's put a couple of new videos online. This is an ordinary guy who made an album on his own, putting half of his year's wages and a year of his time into getting it done. It's called 'Green Apples' and I haven't heard it yet but I'm looking forward to getting it.

The two videos posted below are among some of the best stuff I've heard in a while. The guy's passion and the work he's put into these songs shines through. Amongst all the heavily produced videos and music around all the time, it's fantastic to find someone who just sets himself up in front of a video camera with his guitar and blows them all away. Check out his MySpace where you can download a couple of his songs and buy the cd from here.

'Excuse Me'

'Green Apples'

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