Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Tour: Bruce Springsteen Solo

For all those still on a high from the Dublin gigs at the weekend, here's a change of pace for ya. This is Bruce at his solo best. Stripped of the big band arrangements, songs like 'The Promised Land', 'Tenth Avenue Freeze Out' and 'Backstreets' take on a whole different meaning. For many, this is Bruce at his best, I still love him as a front-man but performing on his own, he's incredible. I think this shines through these 15 performances, taken from throughout his career. The 4 songs taken from his show in 1990 really stand out for me. And of course, the alternative version of Thunder Road which would be a classic in its own right.

Track listing below. Download it from here http://www.mediafire.com/?3xgmstynomi

On Tour: Bruce Springsteen Solo

01. Brilliant Disguise
02. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
03. Devils & Dust
04. I WIsh I Were Blind
05. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
06. Youngstown
07. Atlantic City
08. Incident on 57th Street
09. Valentine's Day
10. The River
11. Backstreets
12. New York City Song
13. Thunder Road
14. Real World
15. The Promised Land

01. 16/11/1990
02. 17/05/1997
03. 18/07/2005
04. Grand Rapids 2005
05. 16/11/1990
06. Letterman 1995
07. 16/11/1990
08. 2005
09. 2005
10. 17/05/1997
11. St Louis 2005
12. 31/05/1973
13. Studio Outtake
14. 16/11/1990
15. Columbus 2005


Gazetteer said...

Holy Doodle Dandy

Thanks Neil!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot :)

where can you get the racing in the street mp3?

i was at sundays show and would love to hear it again.


Neil said...

You can get it now on my recent post Jimmy. Hope you enjoy it, it's great quality

Anonymous said...

Thanks neil, im downloading it now.

All the best