Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thundercrack Playlist #13

Number 13. Someone asked me so I'll post here, these are posted as individual mp3s and not as a podcast. Download it from here

1. The Mighty Stef - Poisonous Love

One of my favourite Irish artists, Stef has a fantastic album out called 'The Sins of Saint Catherine' and has an upcoming ep. Work continues on his second album. Fantastic live act too, I'll have a more complete profile soon in the Best Of Irish feature.

2. The Twilight Singers - Love (Live)

Live version which starts off with the Beatles 'All You Need Is Love' as only the Twilight Singers can do. Brilliant song.

3. Men Without Pants - And The Girls Go

Past their great name, these guys make some good music too. The band is the brainchild of Russell Simins (best known as the drummer for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) and Dan the Automator who has worked with Gorillaz and a whole host of hip-hop and rap acts.

4. The Silver Seas - The Country Life

Highly acclaimed American band, this is taken off their second album 'High Society'. Pure pop which is great, don't always get enough of this nowadays.

5. The Postal Service - Against All Odds

Heard this for the first time in ages the other day and figured I'd post it. The Postal Service covering Phil Collins. How could it fail?

6. Earlimart - Happy Alone

Hailing from California, these guys have apparently made six albums. Been off my radar anyway. Like this track though so it's always nice to be able to get a new discovery when they've already made a lot of music.

7. Joy Zipper - Baby You Should Know

New York duo, these guys have been around since the 90s making some good music. Few dates in the UK and one night in Dublin on the 28th May.

8. Bettye LaVette - I Still Want to Be Your Baby (Take Me Like I Am)

One of the great soul singers, this was taken from her excellent album of last year which she made with the Drive-By Truckers. Great album and amazing voice.

9. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Killing The Blues (Live)

After the review I wrote earlier about these two, there was never any doubt they'd be on this playlist. This is taken from their appearance on Jools Holland last week.

10. The Brokenmusicbox - Me And You

Taken from their debut album 'Waking The Sound', Me And You is a great little track. Not going to blow anyone away but they've got a good sound. Album available to buy off their website and iTunes as well.

11. The Republic Tigers - Buildings & Mountains

Had this track knocking around on my computer for a while, finally put it on the playlist. Taken from their debut album 'Keep Color'.

12. Crumb - Lights Of the City

Don't know if these guys are still going or not (anyone know?) but I really liked their debut album from back in 2005. This is taken from that.

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