Monday, May 5, 2008

REM Live in Milan 2008 DVD

If you're a big R.E.M fan (like me) you'll probably be interested in this. It's the band playing in Milan back in March of this year and was filmed for MTV. It's a great performance and a great watch, even though at times, I thought the editing was far too quick with too many cuts. But I really enjoyed watching it.

So it's a large file, it's hosted on Rapidshare in 10 parts, totaling 949mb. It's 51mins long. It'll take a lot longer to get if you don't have a Rapidshare account but you'll get it in the end. It's been put up by the excellent site T.U.B.E (The Ultimate Bootleg Experience) and you can get the links from there. Alternatively, for those who are more in tune with torrents you can get it over at Dime . Here's the setlist and a sample video.

01 - Living well
02 - Drive
03 - Accelerate
04 - Hollow man
05 - Electrolite
06 - Houston
07 - Bad day
08 - Losing my religion
09 - I'm gonna DJ
10 - Imitation of life
11 - Until the day is done
12 - Man on the moon

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