Thursday, May 1, 2008

Neil Diamond on American Idol

It's a good song from my namesake, last album was really good and the new one sounds good too. Stream it here . I've listened to most of it and it starts off really well. Have to give the rest of it another listen.

I don't think Neil's ever had such a young group of people in the front row, especially a group who clearly have no idea what they should be doing so start a very awkward and ill-fated sway.

Fair play to him as well for going on a show like American Idol and doing a new song, rather than singing 'Sweet Caroline' or 'Forever In Blue Jeans' and play to the audience. He goes on the most watched television show in America and does a song nobody's heard of. That shows a level of pride and confidence in his new work and also that he wants to remain relevant in the music business which is rare these days. Working with Rick Rubin and writing songs like he's done recently will make sure he does.

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