Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet Jane - You're Making This Hard

I think there's been a distinct lack of real quality Irish bands breaking through in the last while. I don't think the music scene in this country is as strong as it could be, due to a number of factors, not least the lack of support for bands at live venues. When there's so much established international quality bands playing gigs here, it's difficult to get people out to a gig by a band they may have only heard a couple of songs from. Without real support at the live venues, it's hard for bands to gain real foothold. Of course, there's also the fact that if an Irish band were absolutely amazing, word would spread. And for me, I haven't heard too many Irish bands that really excite me (there's been a few, who I'll write about in the next while.)

In this context I bought the new limited edition Sweet Jane EP 'Black Boots + Black Hearts' from Tower Records at the weekend. I'd heard a couple of songs from them before and had been impressed. The EP however is fantastic. There's five songs and I think it's one of the best Irish releases in a long time. Sometimes it's hard to describe exactly why music is good, most of the time it just is. This is one of those times and I'd highly recommend picking up the ep while it's still available (it's only physically on sale in Tower in Dublin and through their website, with only a limited number available. It's available through iTunes etc as well). It's always impossible to predict what the future holds for bands and how people will react to the music. I'd get right behind this band though.

Sweet Jane - You're Making This Hard


lldope said...

Sweet Jane's album is amazing. "Where's Your Money At" is the jam!

Anonymous said...

they play with the kills last night and blew them off the stage,
the EP is a blinder alright.

David McCann said...

Sweet Jane have something going. Although it aint very fresh, seems contrived in a way.

What ever happened to that band you posted about before, lovers land or lovers something or other. Seemed like promising stuff. There is way to much regurgitated happy indie pop stuff flying around at the moment, the minutes, the all sounds the same.

Neil said...

Land Lovers? They released an album called Romance Romance which isn't bad at all. Worth picking up. Agree, there's a lot of similar stuff around at the moment. Think there's a real lull in Irish music at the moment.