Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aimee Mann

Went to see Aimee Mann last night in Tripod. A great show (although I had to leave early to make the last bus, curfews in Tripod were abandoned last night). Sharon Shannon was supporting and she was very good but she played for well over an hour so Aimee was always going to be finishing late. When she finally got on stage about 10.15, she started off well and only got better. A particular highlight for me was the sequence of 'Freeway', 'Save Me' and 'Wise Up'.

Her new record is really great and the songs she played from it last night all sounded great. She even took a couple of requests and deftly handled a couple of drunks near the front. Her stories were frequently funny (anybody know she had been asked to write a song for Shrek 3, although it was later rejected?) A very entertaining show and a very decent-sized crowd. Wasn't full though so the move from the Royal Hospital made sense. Hopefully next time she'll get on a bit earlier so I can see the full show.

She did a Daytrotter session not so long ago, performing songs from her new album. They're well worth downloading, which you can do here

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