Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

I'm a big fan of Rilo Kiley and of Jenny's first solo record so I had high expectations for this one. And it lives up to those expectations, but only in parts. There's some great songs on the record but there's also a few that bring down the overall quality. It's worth getting for the 5 or 6 great tracks and even the lesser tracks are still far above the reaches of many female songwriters due to Jenny's great voice. Not as well rounded as her solo debut but she's definitely testing herself with the different genres and that's a very good thing.

She's playing The Button Factory on October 19th and tickets are still on sale. I saw her on the last tour and she was fantastic and I would expect the very same this time. She's a natural performer.

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

Carpetbaggers (from LA 12/9/08)

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