Monday, October 6, 2008

The Gaslight Anthem

Mentioned these guys a couple of times before but I finally got their album and had a listen so felt they were worth another post. Listening to the album, the immediate point of reference would be The Killers. In fact, at times this sounds like Sam's Town II. Which is no bad thing in my eyes anyway. Coming from New Jersey, Springsteen will always be mentioned in connection with them and they pay homage to the main man a number of times on the record such as on 'Meet Me By The River's Edge' with the line "No surrender my Bobby Jean."

I think this is a great album and it's great to hear a young ambitious band not afraid to write big rock songs. Their energy and enthusiasm seeps through every note. They aim high and for me, they achieve it. There's some great songs on the record and they sound made for the live setting. They're doing a small tour in the UK in December so hopefully some promoter will bring them over here for a show. Would be one hell of a gig.

The Gaslight Anthem - Old White Lincoln

The Gaslight Anthem - Miles Davis And The Cool

Video for The 59 Sound


ShaunB said...

the boss's influence in unmistakable on these tracks - great stuff!

Ronan said...

One of the albums of the year. Amazing stuff.