Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hard Working Class Heroes

The Hard Working Class Heroes Festival is taking place this weekend all around Temple Bar with a huge variety of bands playing in various venues. There's some real talent on the Irish scene at the moment and this festival will showcase some of them along with an 'invasion' of Scottish bands which will add further to the festival. are running a download chart of songs by the artists featured so that's well worth a look to find a few more bands and also more info on the artists I've featured below. Here are some of my potential highlights for the weekend. Find the full festival schedule here.

The Dagger Lees - Stagger Stomp

Fiona Melady - Rush

Fiach - So I

Frightened Rabbit - Modern Leper (Scottish Invasion)

Heathers - Margie

Carly Sings - Apple Tree

Fred - Skyscrapers

Sweet Jane - Heartbreak

The Spook of The Thirteen Lock - The Hare

Also check out Sons & Daughters who are closing the festival on Sunday night. Considering you can see as many shows as you want (or at least what time will allow) over the three nights for only €45 euro, it's well worth looking into. Day tickets are only €20.

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