Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dr. Dog - The Old Days

Dr. Dog's album Fate gets better every time I listen to it and is going to be high in my end of year list of great albums. Yes, they've been accused of being too in debt to The Beatles and The Beach Boys etc but I think they've got just the right amount of appreciation for these bands while coming up with something original themselves.

I'll be honest and say this album was my first introduction to the band (this being their fifth album) so I can't claim to have been there from the start but I'm glad I'm there now. Songs like 'Hang On', 'The Rabbit, The Bat and The Reindeer' and 'The Ark' really make the band stand out from a lot of the bands around today.

They're playing Whelans at the start of November and with tickets only costing €13.50 it's sure to be a good night. Download the track below and take a look at the video from Letterman.

Dr. Dog - The Old Days

My Old Ways from 2007

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