Saturday, January 17, 2009

Neal Casal - Roots & Wings

The publicity machine is not exactly in full swing for this record with no mention on Neal's official site of its release. But I'm fairly sure it's due out in the next couple of weeks and having heard it, I can certainly recommend it. I was really struck by Neal's voice at the Cardinals gig last year where he performed a couple of songs and it's just as strong on record.

The album is probably best described as folk-rock and is a strong collection of songs. There's 16 tracks which, for me, is too many, especially here where the songs are all quite similar. However there are a few really excellent tracks and Neal's great voice and guitar playing make it a very enjoyable listen all the way through.

Here's a performance from way back in 2001. Who would have thought Marty Whelan would be this far ahead of the game?

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