Saturday, January 24, 2009

Iron & Wine Alternate Takes - Free Download

I'm a bit late noticing this but better late than never. From

"As the year winds down, Iron & Wine is putting the bus in the garage for the season and shifting gears for more activities around the house. To kick things off, the archives were scoured and an amazing collection of alternate takes of songs from The Shepherd's Dog was discovered. We're excited to offer these eight songs to you, for free. Please click below for your download."

Iron & Wine - Alternate Versions

It's a really good collection of 8 songs from the excellent 'The Shepherd's Dog'. Well worth the download. It is free after all. Can't go wrong.


NicBell said...

hey, thanks for posting this. the link doesn't work anymore. any chance you can put up a new link to download the songs? i listened to em before getting the album, but now the download was removed from the iron and wine site. thank!

Neil said...

I don't actually have it anymore unfortunately. They said they'd put it back up on the site so hopefully they will soon, I'll update if they do.