Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thundercrack Playlist #19

Apologies for the slight delay this week. #19. 40mb, 10 songs. Enjoy

1. Taylor Hollingsworth - Damn Boy (What's Wrong With You)

Comes from Alabama in the US, this is a short blues, punk mix and it works very well. Has a new record 'Bad Little Kitty'.

2. Old 97s - Dance With Me

Love this song, haven't listened to the album yet but looking forward to it. Cool video too.

3. Mark Pickerel - Cody's Dream

Original drummer of the Screaming Trees, this is from his solo record of the same name. The video is a cover of a Dylan song 'One More Cup Of Coffee'

4. Those Dancing Days - Hitten

Another Swedish pop masterpiece, this is a fantastic song. They've got a new single out next month.

5. Canyon - Ten Good Eyes

No idea if this band is still going but I really like this song. It's on their album 'Empty Rooms'. Can't find any video, it's good though.

6. Firewater - Three Legged Dog

Taken from their new album 'The Golden Hour'. This is a video previewing the album.

7. Damien Jurado - Gillian Was A Horse

One of my favourite singer songwriters, this is from his upcoming new album 'Caught In The Trees'. Looking forward to it. Video is an older song 'Lion Tamer'

8. Ben Weaver - White Snow

Another Americana singer songwriter, Ben has a new album coming out in August. This is a track taken from that.

9. Francois Virot - Say Fiesta

Haven't come across much good french music during my stay in Paris but this is one guy that you should definitely check out.

10. Glasvegas - Be My Baby

Nowhere near the heights of the original but a decent cover nonetheless. They're a good band, high hopes for the future.

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