Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thundercrack Playlist #17

Number 17 this week. Added youtube videos of the tracks (where possible) so you can see a preview of the stuff on the playlist. File size is just under 50mb. Download it from here

1. Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving

This song has been around for a while but since the debut album is due out in the next couple of weeks I thought I'd post it here. It's a perfect summer song anyway so good time to hear it for those who it might have missed it last year.

2. Rod Thomas - You Get Goodbyes

British indie/folk/pop artist, this is a single he brought out a couple of months ago. EP available from his MySpace.

3. Alejandro Escovedo - Always A Friend

Legendary Americana artist, this is a track from his new album 'Real Animal'. Well worth checking through his extensive back catalogue. Here's a video of the song with the E Street Band backing Alejandro. (And don't worry, on the actual song the backing singer's actually know the words unlike Bruce)

4. Major Lance - The Monkey Time

Written by Curtis Mayfield, this was one of many successful collaborations between the two. A great soul singer.

5. Jim James & Carl Broemel - Librarian (Live)

Can I possibly plug this album any more? Doubtful but here's a version that Jim & Carl recorded back in May. No footage exists but here's the Black Cab session I mentioned a while ago.

6. Russian Red - Cigarettes

Madrid based artist, this is the first track on her album 'I Love Your Glasses.' Her name is Lourdes Hernandez and indie stardom awaits.

7. Iglu & Hartley - Violent & Young

They come from California and are a strong tip for the top. They're are attracting interest from all the major labels and it's easy to see why. There's no video for this song so here's another song of theirs called 'In This City'. I prefer 'Violent & Young' but this is a good track too.

8. Eddie Vedder - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Live)

One of my favourite singers, this is his cover of the Beatles classic.

9. The Chapin Sisters - Slow Devotion

First heard of these through their family background (Abigail and Lily's uncle was the late, great Harry Chapin, look for a post on him tomorrow. Their half-sister Jessica, the third member is the daughter of the movie director Wes Craven) Some beautiful harmonies and voices on the ep that I have and this is my favourite track off it. Again no video for this track so here's another song of theirs 'Let Me Go'

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