Friday, June 6, 2008

A Catch Up Post (of sorts)

I've been completely out of touch with the music world the past few days due to a crazy work period in college. So a catch up post is in order with a couple of things I wanted to post but didn't have the time for. Most people have probably seen and heard all of this already but there may be a few like me who've missed out.

First off, The Raconteurs were on Conan and were amazing. They should take the horns on tour with them after this performance. 'Many Shades Of Black', which I've said before is probably my favourite track on the record, was pure brilliance. 'Old Enough' was fantastic too. Nice to see Brendan take the spotlight. Won't find too many better tv performances around.

This next one is even older again but I've been meaning to post this performance from for a while. It's Black Mountain and their song 'Tyrants' which I featured on the playlist not so long ago.

More to follow in the coming days as my life returns to some semblance of normal existence.

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