Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review: The Gaslight Anthem - The Academy 4 March 2009

It's only March but already the best gig I've seen this year and will definitely be up on any end of year lists. They exploded out of the blocks with an opening that not many bands could match including opener 'Great Expectations', and the simply huge 'The 59 Sound'. Over the course of the 80mins or so they played all(?) of The 59 Sound album and a few choice songs from their debut 'Sink Or Swim' and the ep 'Senor & The Queen.' 'Patient & The Ferris Wheel', 'Old White Lincoln', 'We Came To Dance' and 'Boomboxes and Dictionaries' were just a few of my favourites but really I could have picked most of the setlist as a highlight.

Having watched their performance on Letterman (see below) I wasn't too sure about their live prowess but last night they were really on form. It was the last night of their tour and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves with frontman Brian Fallon beaming throughout. One thing that really came across was the passion they have for their songs and performing and that's not all that common with a lot of artists these days.

The sound was great (as it always seems to be in the Academy) and the crowd were definitely up for it. The pace barely slackened throughout the whole show and it really was a great performance. Definitely one of the best bands around at the moment.

The 59 Sound - Live on Letterman

And a couple of covers that Brian Fallon has done solo

The Weight


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