Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Mary Janes

The Mary Janes are often forgotten in discussions of great Irish bands but their two albums were two fantastic records. In particular Sham is a great cd. Fronted by the genius of Mic Christopher, they were a great rock group, before they broke up in 1999, when Mic went solo. Unfortunately, his career was cut short in 2001 when he died in Holland. His solo record 'Skylarkin' was released after his death and is another wonderful record.

I've always preferred Mic fronting this rock band than the more acoustic style of his solo record, even though 'Skylarkin' is a fantastic album too. 'Sham' is great from start to finish and an essential purchase if you can find it, which isn't easy to do although you can get their excellent debut album 'Bored Of Their Laughing' on iTunes. Here's a few mp3s from the album.


Part Of Me

Cut Me Loose

And look at this fantastic documentary from 2003, 2 years after Mic's death.

And finally, a great video of Mic and Glen Hansard on Grafton Street.

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Ronan said...

Oh Jesus how much I love this record. It's so good. I'd put it on now if I wasn't busy playing Dave Matthews Band all day.