Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jay Bennett: Whatever Happened I Apologise

Former Wilco member Jay Bennett has released his new album for free on It's a strong album from a really good songwriter. I always thought it was a pity he left Wilco because he added a lot to the group. I haven't really kept up with much of his solo work but seeing as this one is free, it's a pretty good place to start. Here's what Jay had to say about the release.

It is stark, stripped down, and acoustic based—more so than any other record I have made. I really wanted to capture the simpler and more emotional nature of the songwriting, and I knew that the only way I could do this was to put it together quickly, with no second-guessing, and no heavy deliberating about minor details. Consequently I would have to learn to embrace the resultant imperfections—and I have. All of the vocals are done live to my own acoustic guitar accompaniment, so it has some "warts," but, in my effort to not forsake integrity for technical perfection, the album ended up feeling more honest, immediate, naked, and cohesive to me. I am very proud of presenting myself without my typical voluminous bells and whistles. I am left wondering why I haven't done this more often in the past.

As I've really wanted to help out my studio partner, Matt DeWine, and his partner Casey Meehan, with their new "download record label," rockproper, that's just where you can find this new album: Again, it's called "Whatever Happened I Apologize," and did I mention it's free? I hope you enjoy it.

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