Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Review: Laura Marling Whelans 1 July 2008

Really enjoyed her debut album and was looking forward to last night and she didn't disappoint. She's got a great voice and she's a very talented songwriter and it showed in her performance last night. Of course, there were a few issues as you'd expect with any new artist on stage but overall I thought she put on a very strong performance. It was just her and her guitar and for a few songs she was accompanied by Marcus Mumford (he opened the gig and put on a good show too. His band are called Mumford and Sons and are well worth checking out. Robotnik was the other support and again was very good especially on the folky songs he did at the start).

Personally, I was hoping to hear Night Terror but hopefully next time I see her she'll bring a fiddle so she can play it. She played a good number of new songs which is a good sign that she's not happy to rest on the success of the first album. The crowd was very respectful and the place was jammed, with Laura mentioning a couple of times that she wasn't expecting so many people. She's obviously developing a following and hopefully she'll be back soon to build on it.

Night Terror


Anonymous said...

Mumford and sons is the name of Marcus' band.

Neil said...

Thanks for that. Original post edited.