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Thundercrack Playlist #5

5th edition of the Thundercrack Playlist is here. As always artists have been contacted to inform them of their presence on the album. I'm very excited by a couple of these artists who have new albums coming out soon. Hope you enjoy the album and remember to pass on the link to your friends. Please support all these great artists and make sure that their music is able to continue to thrive. Want new great music?? Then make sure all artists have enough money to make the records by supporting ones that you enjoy.

Here's the link to the album File is 60mb so shouldn't take long to download. Feel free to leave any comments on your thoughts on the selection or anything. Enjoy!

1. Kathleen Edwards - The Cheapest Key

I've been a big fan of Kathleen ever since she brought out her debut album 'Failer' back in 2003. It was a fantastic debut album and she's now completed her third album entitled 'Asking for Flowers' which is sure to make a major impact this year. This track is taken from that album and Kathleen herself calls it "the most fun song" she's ever recorded. The album isn't yet available in Europe, look for it in the next few weeks but it has been released in North America. I'm really looking forward to getting it and the tour which I'm hopeful will follow. She has upcoming dates in Canada and America so check her site for details. For those who haven't heard of Kathleen yet, there's still time to catch up to the rest of us by buying her first two great records in time for the release of the new album.

2. Cocktail Slippers - Go Get It

A girl group from Norway, Cocktail Slippers write some of the catchiest songs that I've heard in a while. And catchy in the way that cheers you up as soon as you start humming the tune, rather than the annoying way you can't get 'Umbrella' out of your head. They've got a couple of albums out already; their debut was 'Rock It', with the follow up called 'Mastermind'. Currently working on their third record these girls are destined to break out of their native Norway and having signed to Wicked Cool Records in America, their next record is destined to be a big release. Albums are easily available through the Wicked Cool Records website for only $10 so if you like what you hear, that's the place to visit.

3. Modest Mouse - Dashboard (Live)

One of my favourite bands, this recording is from the Irish radio station 2FM who recorded the band's performance in August of last year at the Electric Picnic Festival. One of the most talented and important bands around, the addition of Johnny Marr has elevated the band to a level that very few bands could ever hope to achieve. They're going to be touring, in what is sure to be the best tour of the year, with REM and The National in America. If you have the opportunity to get to one of the shows, don't pass it up. REM's new album is amazing and The National have released some of the finest albums of this decade so far. Along with the genius that is Modest Mouse, that's one show not to be missed.

4. Delorentos - Any Other Way

Delorentos are a Dublin-based 4 piece band who released one of the best Irish records of last year 'In Love With Detail'. This song is taken off that excellent debut and they have developed a strong following in Ireland. They've just been performing at SXSW and are working on some new stuff. I've seen them live a few times and they're an excellent live band, with some great songs that really come to life in the live arena. Check out their website if you're not familiar with their work, and pick up a copy of their debut album and also have a look at some of the EP's and singles they've released in the past. All are available through their MySpace page.

5. The Twilight Sad - Cold Days From The Birdhouse

An indie rock band from Scotland, this song is taken from the band's debut record 'Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters' which was released last year to widespread acclaim. One of my favourite albums of the year, the songs slowly revealed themselves after repeated listenings to be full of vivid imagery, lyrics and some fantastic melodies too. They've got a number of shows coming up around the UK so check the website for details on that. Also available are some cool singles and EP's.

6. Dustin Kensrue - I Knew You Before

I chanced upon this album and was delighted to have come across it. Clocking in at just under 30mins, the album is very strong with a very high quality maintained throughout the disc. The record is quite a departure from Dustin's usual job as lead singer of Thrice and I'm of the opinion that it's better than any Thrice stuff, but I'm not a fan of that band anyway. This is a fantastic song and he performed it on Letterman on it's release last year. I'm a big fan of this album, I think it's really good and should be deemed an essential purchase for those who are interested.

7. Spoon - The Ghost Of You Lingers (Live)

Taken from a radio broadcast of a show they performed supporting Arcade Fire(look for a track from them next week) in January of this year, this track finds Spoon recreating their unique sound on a live stage. 'The Ghost Of You Lingers' is my favourite song off their last record 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga'. One of the most atmospheric songs you're likely to hear, it works just as well in a live setting as it does on record. Coming out of Austin, Texas Spoon have been around for nearly 15 years and have released some excellent albums without ever breaking out of the underground, until the release of 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' which has brought them to a wider audience. There's a rich back catalogue for those who haven't yet taken the time to explore this band's history.

8. Travel By Sea - Complete Shakeup

A very interesting band, Travel By Sea is made up of Kyle Kersten and Brian Kraft who make the records in different cities to each other, instead using the internet to put this music together. Which only makes the music more astounding to listen to. Signed to Autumn Tone Records their first album 'Shadows Rise' is available from that website(link below). 'Complete Shakeup' was the first thing I heard from this band and I've been a fan ever since. It really is a beautifully put together track and take a look at their MySpace to preview some tracks from their upcoming new album which should be out very soon. Make sure to get that when it comes out, I'm very much looking forward to it.

9. Iron & Wine - Boy With A Coin (Acoustic & Live)

Taken from a solo acoustic session on KCRW, this track was my favourite song off the last Iron & Wine record, which I still regard as the best yet. Sam Beam's stunning vocals always take the songs above the level that most bands are capable of reaching and this track displays this very clearly. Also, the band are offering up soundboard recordings of their live shows to download. It's a clever move and one which, I think, many bands will soon take as a new source of revenue. Check it out and support the idea, it's a good one.

10. Noel Gallagher - Fade Away (Live)

I've always liked Noel's voice more than Liam's so I was delighted to hear recordings of some of his solo show's from 2006/2007. They're excellent shows and I was delighted to rediscover 'Fade Away' which was an Oasis b-side back on the 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' single. There's footage all over the web of the tour for anyone who missed it and if you look hard enough I'm sure you'll some across recordings of some of the shows. Well worth exploring. Click on the youtube link for another fantastic song from the show.

11. Plants and Animals - Bye Bye Bye

A new discovery for me Plants and Animals have just released an album in Canada, their native country, and which is available through their website for all us Europeans. I'm personally really looking forward to ordering it, because this track is nothing short of breathtaking. One of those songs that instantly command your attention no matter what you're doing, Plants and Animals are certainly an exciting prospect. Based on this track and the others on their MySpace this album is going to be big. I'm very excited about it and I don't think that it's going to let me down at all. One of the tracks of the year even at this early stage. Breathtaking.

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